Toku Tsuru Klora Chlorella


  • Packaging: 200mg x 450 tablets x2 packs
  • Ingredients: Chlorella

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Chlorella is one of the best natural sources to help your body fight environmental toxicity. When it is taken into your body, it binds to heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides found in your digestive tract. Unlike other detoxifiers, chlorella avoids removing essential elements like calcium and magnesium, instead it will only bind to toxic elements and aid in removing them from the body.

Product Features:
• Rich in chlorophylls – cleansing agents for our bodies
• Rich in lutein & vitamin A that is good for our vision
• Contains 12 kinds of vitamins and 11 minerals that are essential for a healthy body
• Helps in the detoxification of heavy metals in major organs like brain, liver and kidneys
• Helps in the detoxification of synthetic chemicals in chemical drugs
• Helps in the detoxification of food contaminants such as dioxins

For adults only. Consume 5-10 tablets, to be chewed 3 times daily with meal

Recommend For:
1. Individuals on long term medication of synthetic drugs
2. Individuals who frequently consume junk food and less vegetable
3. Individuals who have diabetes, high cholesterol level, high blood sugar and high blood pressure
4. Elderly
5. Smoker
6. Picky eater

• Produced by Japanese GMP manufacturer
• Safe, health food by the Japanese Health and Nutrition Association
• Ingredients and technologies from Japan
• Has more than 600 scientific researches
• Suitable for vegetarians

KKLIU: 0589/2021


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