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[Staff Purchase] Toku Tsuru Qi Drink (Max: 6)

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  • Specially made for enhance your overall sense of vitality and strength
  • Made of natural ingredients, no preservative
  • Packaging: 24g x 12’s
  • Those who declined in attention, stay up all night, fatigue or undergo high intensity activities; office workers; mountain climbers; athlete

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Toku Tsuru Qi Tonic is specially made for enhance your overall sense of vitality and strength. It is natural energy drink without caffeine side effect. Modern research has shown that rhodiola increases the body’s resistance to any type of stress, increase brain clarity and physical endurance.

~Made of natural ingredients
~Rhodiola is classified as an adaptogen
~Perfect combination ratio of herbs by chinese medicine expert
~Synergistic effect of formulation
~Good taste
~Easy to carry
~No artificial colour
~No preservative

Recommended for:
~Individual who seek for mental clarity
~Individual who always feel fatigue and undergo high intensity activities
~Office workers
~Mountain climbers

INGREDIENTS: Rhodiola, Acanthopanax, Panax quinquefolius, ginseng, aged citrus peel

PACKAGING: 24g x 12’s

DIRECTION: Use 200c.c. of cold or hot water to brew

Expiry date: 31/5/2021

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