[Staff Purchase] Toku Tsuru Memosmat Lecithin Extract 10'S (Cocoa) (Max: 6)

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  • Product Feature:
    Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid essential for proper and healthy brain function. As the global economy quickly evolves, new skills are required in order to thrive, including various cognitive skills such as problem-solving, lateral thinking and digital literacy. Neural development starts at the earliest stages of embryonic development and continues to develop during the first 15-18 years of life.
    MemoSmat contains a rich source of phosphatidylserine extracted from soy lecithin that is essential for children to improve cognitive functions.
  • Packing: 2g x 10’s

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• Contains marigold extract for healthy vision
• Acerola contains Vitamin C 40 times richer than oranges
• Cocoa powder rich in antioxidants and improving learning and memory functions
• Kids’ favourite cocoa powder
• Clinically proven
• HALAL certified
• Suitable for vegetarian

• Improves short term memory and inattention
• Improves cognitive functions
• Improves symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

You're viewing: [Staff Purchase] Toku Tsuru Memosmat Lecithin Extract 10’S (Cocoa) (Max: 6) RM23.40 RM11.70
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