[Staff Purchase] DX膝蓋護衛(L) KNEE GUARD (DX)-L (Max: 4)

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  • Sizes: Available in S(32-36cm), M(35-38cm), L(38-41cm)
  • Packaging: 1’s
  • Expiry date: 31/07/2025

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• Relieves knee problem, special wave line design stabilizes knee joints
• Ultra-thin material (0.7mm)
• Provides more energy when exercising, running, moving up/down stairs or standing
• Hook and loop closures that adjust for the most comfortable and easy fit

Recommended for:
• Sports-active individuals
• Elderly who experience knee pain problems
• To wear a pair for balanced performance

How to Use:
1. Hold the knee guard with label facing back
2. Wear it like we wear a socks
3. The wave line marking on the knee guard should fit to your knee (Refer to diagram)