[Staff Purchase] D&M關節達人-護踝 D&M JOINT MASTER-ANKLE SUPPORTER (Max: 6)

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Protection and supporting of ankle joint provided by the unique 3D structure and X-belt.

• Relieves ankle problem
• Prevent ankle sprain
• Enhance jumping force and thrust
• The unique 3D structure and X-belt provides extra stabilization and a firm footing.
• Provides more energy when exercising, running, moving up/down stairs or standing

Recommended for:
• Sports-active individuals
• People who experience ankle problems
• People with mild to moderate ankle sprains

How to Use:
1. Wear the Ankle Supporter on your ankle
2. Stick the X-belt tightly to enhance the support
Sizes: Free size (23-29cm)

• Use for ankle only
• Do not use this if you have wound or feeling itchy