NUViT Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask

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  • A 100% Natural Mask designed in the laboratory using a unique bacteria strain.
  • Bio-cellulose has an ultra-fine & highly pure fiber network structure with each fiber being 2000x thinner than a strand of hair at 20-50nm.
  • Bio-cellulose has unique properties such as higher affinity, higher absorbency and higher penetration rate compared to other common commercially available mask materials like fabric mask, thus allowing nutrients to penetrate 8-15x deeper into skin.

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Features & Benefits of Bio-cellulose Mask:

Eco-Friendly Sheet
-All natural toxin-free sheet that is made from unique bacteria strain

-Extra soft & gentle for the skin

Super Hydrating
-Holds fluid 100 times its dry weight & 10 times more hydrating than commonly used fabric mask sheet

-Provides hydration & nourishment instantly to skin

Exceptional Adhesion
-Effectively lock in moisture & allow nutrients to be absorbed by skin

-NUViT Bio-Cellulose mask sheet is proven to deliver 90% of active ingredients deep into skin in JUST 10 minute


Palmaria Palmata Extract
-Skin Protecting





Avena Sativa Kernel Extract




Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid
-Combination of 5 different hyaluronic acid molecular size for superb absorption of nutrients into the skin

-Deeply Moisturizing

-Skin Conditioning

-Promotes Wound Healing

-Lock in Moisture to prevent TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss)

Dimension: 138mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 183mm (H)

Product Weight: 136g

You're viewing: NUViT Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask RM79.00 RM71.10
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