Goat Build My Bone?

Milky Way by Greens is a family goat milk formula suitable for 1 year old and above. It comes in individual sachet, convenient to carry out to drink in all places such as school, office or even to add to your daily beverages to increase your nutrient intake.

How it can benefits to you?

  1. LOWER LACTOSE: All dairy products contain lactose (milk sugar) which needs to be broken down by an enzyme (lactase) in our body. However, certain babies will start to gradually decrease lactase production after weaning and most Asians will slowly stop producing lactase when reaching adulthood. Thus, after taking milk products, people may experience stomach bloating, passing liquid and frothy stools and excessive gas. Studies show that the lactose in goat milk (4.1g/100ml) is lower than cow milk (4.5g/100ml), so it is more suitable for people with mild lactose intolerance.
  2. BETTER PROTEIN COMPOSITION: Up to 3% of young children develop milk allergy. Studies suggest that goat milk with low levels of αs1-Casein (one type of protein) can reduce incidents of milk protein allergy.
  3. BETTER LIPID PROFILE: Goat milk and cow milk have similar fat profiles, but goat milk contains more medium chain fatty acids (MCT). MCT in goat milk is 30–35% while it is only 15–20% in cow milk. The high amount of MCT proportion in goat milk is good for health. This is because MCT is quickly oxidised by the liver and will not store as body fat, thus it is less obesogenic than other fats.
  4. BETTER UTILISATION OF NUTRIENTS: Research suggests that goat milk enhances the body’s ability to absorb more important nutrients when compared with cow milk. This means there will be a higher uptake of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, and selenium when we drink the same quantity of milk.


Milky Way also has a higher concentrations of “prebiotic” carbohydrates than cow milk. These carbohydrates are called oligosaccharides. They are the same type of carbohydrate present in human breast milk and help to nourish the good bacteria living in the gut.

Furthermore, Milky Way is fortified with 4.5g of inulin in each sachet. Inulin is a type of soluble fibre with prebiotic effect as it is able to be fermented in the large intestines. It helps to promote a good digestive system, reduced risk of constipation and stimulation of immune function.

Next, Milky Way contains a probiotic (Lactobacillus acidophilus) which is highly tolerant to gastrointestinal conditions and has strong adhesion to intestinal cell lines. Strains of L. acidophilus bacteria can help to break lactose down into a more digestible form thus reducing the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Last but not least, Lactobacillus acidophilus also has the ability to inhibit common pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella typhimurium. So, why don’t you change your milk formulation to Milky Way today. It helps you to boost your immune function to let you stay strong and healthy.



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By Hew Xin Li (Greens Dietitian)
– Graduated from International Medical University (IMU) with BSc in Dietetics with Nutrition
– More than 4 years of diet therapist experiences

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