Drink Water During Ramadan

We all know that water makes up 60-70% of our body, thus any reduction of water intake can affect the proper functions of the body’s cells and nerves. Furthermore, skin will also lose its elasticity and feel rough when its water content is insufficient.

During Ramadan, fasting can range between 11 to 16 hours from dawn to sunset. Water and food are not allowed to be taken within this period except for children who have not reached puberty, the elderly, those who are physically or mentally incapable of fasting, and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The pre-fasting meal is known as sahur while the “buka puasa” meal is known as iftar.

So, how can we maintain our hydration during Ramadan?

1. Plan your water intake timings

2. Drink fluids with the right nutrients

Choose plain water as it is the best, most obvious and most effective beverage to replenish your thirst. Sweetened beverages such as syrup bandung, air katira, or soft drinks will increase your sugar level with a higher calorie intake which will cause thirstiness and weight gain. Some healthy options such as coconut water, sugar-free soy milk, and berry juice can help to replenish the electrolyte loss while soy protein that can help to increase protein intake for better cell repair. Wellone by Greens is also a good choice as it uses all-natural ingredients which contain numerous berries such as elderberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and Echinacea which is high in antioxidants and can help you to strengthen your immunity.

3. Eat food with high water content

Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of water to help us to stay hydrated. Most of the time, we sweat a lot. Consuming food with high water content can help the body to better replenish electrolytes due to sweat loss. Furthermore, these foods can also provide a variety of vitamin and minerals.

 High water content food with their water content per 100g

4. Homemade dessert

Freeze fruit juice in the fridge overnight for a healthy snack instead of taking potato chips which are salty and will cause further dehydration in the next few hours. Or just mix the water with gelatin, then add in cut fruit and put it in a microwave to prepare a jelly with natural sweetness.

Furthermore, you can also prepare some decaffeinated tea such as chrysanthemum tea or honey lemon tea as a replacement for coffee or tea. Caffeine has a diuretic effect and will stimulate water loss faster through urination.

5. Eclairer during Sahur

Eclairer by Greens is specially formulated with 2 award-winning patented ingredients from Japan, HITHION® torula yeast and KOMECERA® rice ceramide, and is enhanced with highly antioxidant mixed berries and vitamin C. KOMECERA® rice ceramide can help to strengthen the skin barrier and preserve the skin’s moisture, while HITHION® torula yeast and mixed berries can help to neutralise free radicals and support skin glowing with brightening.

6. Monitor your urine

Last but not least, monitoring your urine colour and understanding your status of hydration is also very important during Ramadan periods. Make sure you drink enough water during “buka puasa” time, and hydrate your body and skin to prevent dehydration and other health complications from occurring.



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By Hew Xin Li (Greens Dietitian)
– Graduated from International Medical University (IMU) with BSc in Dietetics with Nutrition
– More than 4 years of diet therapist experiences

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