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During this pandemic time, social media encourages people to emphasize more on their hygiene and use protective equipment, for e.g. face mask and hand sanitizer. That is not enough for us to tackle the disease unless having a strong immune system. Prior to this, we need to understand exactly how the immune system against disease and inflammation. The immune system can be activated by a lot of foreign things that the body doesn’t recognize as its own, which is known as antigens. Examples of antigens include the proteins on the surfaces of bacteria, fungi and viruses. When these antigens attach to special receptors on the immune cells such as white blood cell, a whole series of processes is triggered in the body to fight against the pathogen and preventing from illness. Then, if it comes into contact with the pathogen again, our immune system recognizes it straight away and defeats it more quickly.

A diet with an immune-supportive supplement such as whole glucan particle (WGP) is recommended for people who want to bolster the ability of fighting against the pathogen. Kokoyoyo Enermune contains Wellmune, a patented and award-wining ingredient from the United States. It is a Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan extract from baker’s yeast and clinically proven to prime neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body. Once primed, these immune cells could identify foreign pathogen more quickly thus strengthening human’s immunity.

It also contains of vitamin Bs naturally extracted from baker’s yeast, which helps releasing energy from the nutrient absorbed from food and maintaining cell growth, thus reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. The other key ingredient is prebiotic called galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS). As a prebiotic, it promotes the growth of probiotics in human’s gut, a place where 70% of immune cells are located. Overall, Kokoyoyo Enermune is the right solution for kids and adult to improve energy metabolism and strengthen their immunity.

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