Don’t Let Arthritis Hold You Back!

Waking up groaning, creaking and struggling to get out of bed because of how stiff you’re feeling? Is there a crackling or popping sound when you bend your knees? Not only that, does it take an hour or two for the joints to “warm up” before you can kick-start your day?

If you are facing similar problems, it is a sign of ageing joints.

Staying active requires healthy, flexible and strong joints. Yet adults of all ages deal with joint pain, especially at the knees, hands, elbows, shoulders and hips. Joint pain can be uncomfortable at best, and debilitating at its worst. It can literally rob you of your freedom and take the joy out of living, eventually impairing your overall quality of life. Why let joint pain ruin your life when you can fix it for good?

Shine J-Care Duo is a dual approach to optimal joint health. It is well formulated with patented avian sternal Type II collagen to repair joint cartilage. Natural herbal extracts (curcuminoids, bio AKBA, beta caryophyllene and alpinia galangal) are proven beneficial to individuals suffering from degenerative joint diseases. These curcuminoids and bio AKBA exhibits anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce joint pain and inflammation.

More specifically, it contains a perfect blend of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and collagen type II protein, proven effective by a 30-day clinical human trial.

Get relief, move freely and live a fulfilling life without pain with Shine J-Care Duo.

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