Stay Strong and Active at the Golden Age!

Are you started having a hard time to maintain your balance while walking or standing? With ages, you found that daily activities that seem simple could not be carried out easily as compared with previous years. Be aware that you may be suffering from a condition called sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia has long been associated with older people, but the development of sarcopenia is now recognised to begin earlier in life. After age of 30, muscle mass decreases as much as 3-5% each decade and escalates at the age of 65. Also, the process could be accelerated by not getting enough calories or protein in the diet and the decrease in the ability to utilize protein.

One of the best ways to potentially prevent, delay and reduce the consequences and the tolls sarcopenia could take on our lives is through balanced nutrition.

FontActiv Complete is a formula dietary food developed to help individuals achieve optimum health and energy. It contains prebiotics (FOS), omega-3 (DHA), 28 vitamins and minerals. The Protein+ system, based on highly digestible proteins (100% whey protein) helps maintain muscle mass.
If you are suffering from lack of energy, loss of appetite or having chewing and digestive disorders that may limit food intake, remember FontActiv could be your smarter choice as oral nutritional supplement, meal replacement or sole source of nutrition.

FontActiv Complete ensures a good nutritional status and will help individual’s wellness, to stay strong and active.

If you have other special medical conditions, please consult your doctor or dietitian before consuming the product.

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