Enough Fibre? Get Your Fibre Fill Up!

Despite the fact that Malaysia has an incredibly varied choice of fruits and vegetables, Malaysians consume very little of them. According to National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019, 95% of Malaysian adults do not consume the recommended daily amount of both fruits and vegetables, which is 25gm dietary fibre per day. There are few reasons why they do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. One of the reasons is sedentary lifestyle. They’re spending most of their waking hours in the workplace leaves them with little personal time, much less time to head to their nearest grocery store or market to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, in the fast-paced society, people tend to get the foods in a most convenience and hassle-free way despite high cost. They would not purchase a large amount of fruits and vegetable as it take extra steps to get it done. This lifestyle that Malaysians choose to lead will impact their health issues.

To tackle this, Shine F’bre Clenz is your perfect choice to increase fibre intake from daily meals. It is a high fibre drink containing a variety of green vegetables added with chlorophyll and patented ingredients Fibregum® Tan and Fibersol®-II to help promote regular bowel movement. With a smooth digestive system, the clean and healthy colon allows toxin to transport to liver and bloodstream, then excreted out of your body. A toxin-free digestive system allows more water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into bloodstream, bringing a good result to your health. A high fibre diet makes a better you, so get Shine F’bre Clenz now before it’s too late!

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