Back-to-Basics for Healthy Glowing Skin!

“I have used a lot of different brightening products, however, my skin still looks uneven.”

“I’m not confident enough to go bare-faced. My skin looks pale and tired.”

“I goes to facial from time to time, why is my skin still dull and not glowing?”

We do hear the above comment regularly, don’t we?

The skin that every individual craved for is a healthy glowing skin, a natural glow on a well-rested, nourished and no make-up skin.

Skin is man’s largest organ. Being an organ in the human body, its function can decrease over time due to aging or wear and tear. If we start to take care of our skin like any other organs in our body through early prevention and maintenance, our skin can age slower, maintaining the glow we have during our younger years. There is a saying that having a good foundation is the basics to strong structure. This includes skin health. A good basic skincare is vital to build healthy glowing skin!

First step to a good basic skincare routine is Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Cleanse twice daily to refresh your skin and break free from the oil that may clog and irritate our pores. Then, use toner to help in removing traces of dirt or make up leftover from the cleanser. Toner helps to shrink our pores at the same time. Lastly, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin. A suitable moisturizer will be well-absorbed and keep your skin hydrated for long. Add sunscreen on before you leave home for the day to fight off the deadly UV rays. Tips: Add serum before your moisturizer to do an intense hydration to your skin. These steps shall be your daily mantra to keep by the heart.
Next, is to exfoliate every weekly. Our skin will renew every 28 days, hence we should do mild exfoliation regularly to remove the layer of accumulated dead skin. This helps to avoid the formation of uneven skin and at the same time allows better absorption of skincare products.

Last but not least is to improve your daily lifestyle. Embrace a healthy lifestyle and glow from within! Have a good well-rested 8 hours of sleep to let your skin to rest and regenerate efficiently. Similar to our body organs, our body need enough rest to repair and function efficiently. Next, keep our body active by exercising for 30 minutes at least three times a day to keep our cells active and boost our overall health. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day is the general rule of thumb to stay hydrated all day long. Your skin will be dehydrated, looking dry and flaky if you do not hydrate, hydrate and hydrate yourself! Lastly, of course your diet! Choose wisely your food selection as you are what you eat. Tips to healthy glowing skin is to add rich antioxidant food to your daily diet. Antioxidant is vital to combat the free radicals that accelerate aging. There is an increasing source of free radicals nowadays; UV Rays, alcohol drinking, smoking, environmental pollution, bad food choices and the increasing level of stress. All these will make an early invitation to wrinkles, sagging, dry, dull and uneven skin. Hence, choosing more fruits and vegetables that are packed with antioxidants will be a good move to fight off this unwanted visitors!

We understand that it may be difficult to keep track our daily antioxidants consumption. Hence, we keep your concern in check with Nuvit Fairy-Glow. Nuvit Fairy-Glow is a premium antioxidant mixture containing three self-renewing plant Stem Cells for anti-aging, five nutritious Berries and nine different Enzymes for a good digestive system. It is also enhanced with fish collagen to improve skin elasticity, Moringa and Agarwood for antioxidant and skin detoxification respectively. All these amazing ingredients are packed in a deliciously convenient sachet that you can drink anytime, anywhere! You just need a sachet of Nuvit Fairy-Glow a day to nourish your skin to the glow you always wanted.

Along with a good routine basic skincare, healthy lifestyle and a dose of skin nourishing antioxidant booster, Nuvit Fairy-Glow, healthy glowing skin is just within grasp!

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