Bio-Cal, Not Your Ordinary Calcium Supplement

Shine Bio-Cal Natural Seaweed combines the goodness of Aquamin and Vitamin D3 in a single chewable tablet to deliver its wonder in bone health protection and maintenance especially in the debilitating osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a serious health concern as it affects approximately 30% of all postmenopausal women. At least 40% of these women and 15-30% of men will have one or more fragility bone fracture in their remaining lifetime according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

Female is at risk for osteoporosis due to aging of skeletal system accelerates at the commencement of menopause. This is due to the falling level of estrogen which is crucial in maintaining bone homeostasis, hence it disrupts the balance between formation and resorption. Ultimately, it leads to deterioration of bone mass and reduced skeleton strength.

Shine Bio-Cal made from natural seaweed calcium source from Atlantic Ocean, also known as Aquamin. Aquamin efficiency has 3-4 times higher bio-availability as compared to other typical source of calcium such as Dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate) or Limestone Calcium. It allows a greater proportion of calcium to enter our systemic circulation after consumption. Also, the natural Bio-Cal is also rich in marine-sourced multi-minerals complex. 72 types of trace minerals are accumulated from the seawater and stored as carbonate salts. Aquamin is also scientifically proven to increase bone cell mineralization by threefold. Hence, it possesses significant potential for treating osteoporosis.

When should you start taking Calcium? Between ages 20 to 30, our bones reach their maximum strength and density known as peak bone mass. After the age of peak bone mass has achieved, our bones start to break down slightly faster than new bone formation hence it leads to reduced bone mass. Therefore, it is crucial to build up our storage or what we may refer as ‘bone bank’ from young age to prevent osteopenia, osteoporosis or osteoporotic fractures. While bone mass can no longer increase after peak bone mass, we can replace what we lose each day. In simpler words, we cannot increase our ‘bone savings’, but we can keep our ‘bone bank’ account from getting smaller.

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